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Odds are the Arizona Diamondbacks are better than we thought

The internet was buzzing on Wednesday with news of a leaked “The Dark Knight Rises” Batman trailer. No surprise, the Comic-Con types are amped up like impatient toddlers on Christmas Eve. Me? I just shrugged my shoulders for you on the internet. What’s the point of eating an appetizer for a meal that’s still a year away? Nothing has changed.

The same can’t be said for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Plenty has changed for them.

The fear was that the D-backs would be so wretched in 2011, the All-Star Game would be the summer’s lone highlight. Instead, the Mid Summer Classic has been more interruption than island. I’m actually glad the break is over so we can see just how legit Kirk Gibson’s team really is.

A guy I know over at sent me the odds on the D-backs before the season started and compared to where they are now, it’s like looking at before and after photos of actor Jonah Hill.

Odds to win the World Series: Were 100/1……Now 35/1

Odds to win the National League Pennant: Were 45/1… Now 16/1

Odds to win the National League West: Were 18/1…Now 3/1

Odds that Justin Upton wins MVP: Were 50/1…Now 18/1

The 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks are proof you have to be prepared to adapt on the fly. Change expectations at a moment’s notice. I’ve recently had to change some of my own odds based on recent, unexpected events.

Odds that I would have just given Derek Jeter his ball back like Christian Lopez did: Were 75/1……Now 2/1

I won’t lie to you; I thought this debt ridden guy was a fool for wanting nothing in exchange for the ball Jeter smacked for career hit #3000. But after reading stories of beer-makers and department stores chipping in to help him out plus, word that he’s getting his own baseball card, I’m reminded that karma is king. A fact Jeter will soon find out for deciding to skip the All Star Game.

Odds that I’ll see the new Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis movie “Friends with Benefits”: Were 200/1….Now 20/1

Timberlake’s interview with Mark Grace at the Chase Field pool arguably was the highlight of the All Star broadcast. Combine that with Kunis’ photo shoot for GQ and there’s a decent chance I’m in.

Odds that I’ll be in Flagstaff for Cardinals training camp: Were 10/1….Now 3/1

I was always positive actual games weren’t going to be missed. I could never say the same about Camp Cardinals in my hometown in Northern Arizona. After hearing Drew Brees talk about how close the two sides are getting to settling, I’m more encouraged than ever that I’ll be sipping a Big Rapid Red at Beaver Street Brewery in a matter of weeks. And if I could I would buy Adrian Wilson a beer for his tweet on Wednesday.

Chances that we’ll get another All Star Game: Were 40/1….Now 25/1

A slight improvement based only on the nice report card our resident snowbird commissioner Bud Selig handed out. But let’s face it; when July hits, half the city is either on the rim or Mission Beach. I still think MLB threw us the one and only All Star bone we’ll ever gnaw on.

Chances I’ll watch CSI now that Ted Danson has taken over for Lawrence Fishburne: Were 60/1…Now 59/1

I’ll take 80’s sitcom stars for $200 Alex. It’s not that trading in Morpheus for Sam Malone is a major upgrade but growing up a major Cheers fan I’m always inclined to give Danson a chance. Now if you had replaced Fishburne with Woody Harrelson or Cliff Clavin the odds “improve” to 35/1.


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