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Ryan Kesler featured as an office ‘instigator’ in latest Ducks’ video

Anaheim Ducks center Ryan Kesler is known for his aggressive style of play on the ice.

But, according to a new video the Ducks released on social media on Friday, he also takes his aggression into other, more professional, settings too.

A video highlighting Kesler’s “instigator” ways shows him walking through an office setting in his full gear.

Kesler starts by knocking what are presumed to be important documents out of a man’s hands, followed by constant flickering of the lights during a meeting.

Meanwhile, a narrator highlights Kesler’s craft as the instigator. Kesler follows up his first antics by squirting water onto a keyboard and blocking the path to the water cooler.

For Kesler’s final act of instigation, he has help from Ducks defenseman Kevin Bieksa, who catches a poor worker off guard at the copy machine with a check to the back.

Overall, the video is pretty funny. Both Kesler and Bieksa are no strangers to comedy, as they have both been featured in similar videos before.

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