November 5, 2011

Nov 6, 2011, 4:04 AM | Updated: 5:05 am




I really can’t!

Why they took you two off in the morning is beyond me!

I can’t take those East Coast ESPN homers anymore!! Do they realize that sports are actually contested west of the Mississippi??? Apparently not….

I’m going to have to find another station for my morning commute. I’m usually on between 5:30 and 6:30 AM.



“They” is my boss. “They” told me that over 70% of Phoenicians weren’t born as Phoenicians. By going national more of those people would listen.

According to the ratings, “they” were right.

will be if Aaron Rogers does a Kurt Warner (the QB who has the top 3 passing games in Super Bowl History) and gets himself in that rarified atmosphere.


Rodgers was beyond great last year. We still have to be careful though. The amount of praise he is getting is equal to the amount Drew Brees received last year. I think Rodgers is all that and the bag of chips but so was Brees. Rodgers was great but it’s sustained greatness that makes you a legend.

The next 10 days is the season for the D Backs..

They have a 10 gamer on the road starting in Philly

Hallady, Lee, and Worley.. I say they go 1-2

Atlanta.. Lowe, Beachy, Hudson I say they go 2-1

Washington They go 3-1

6-4 trip would be great

SF goes ATL, Houston, SD, and Houston again their next 10. They can go 7-3 easily..

The next 10 days will tell the following things:

1- If SF is in the race

2- IF AZ is for real

3- If Upton stays in any type of MVP talk- The Phils and Braves will nit pitch to him like the Mets and Astros did..

This is exciting.


Sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. It was exciting.


I have listened to you and Wolf since you first came on the air. As a matter of fact, I remember Colin Cowherd whining about “the local meatballs” when you and Wolf originally tried out. Yeah – sorry Colin. The local scene is much better than the national scene in your time slot. Plus, while Wolf’s ego is grandiose, it isn’t early as big as Colins. Sorry Wolf, had to say it.



Thanks for your loyalty. I hope you’re able to listen to us in the afternoon. I’ve seen grandiose egos in this business and I don’t rank Wolf’s in that category.

How about the quote from Coach Gibson during spring training? I think he had Upton ask Gambo how many games they were going to carry.

This has been an unbelievable season for the Diamondbacks.


Gibby gets all the credit.

Dougs Mailbag

Vince Marotta

November 6, 2012

When do we start questioning Grimm’s coaching and leadership abilities? Before I go off on him I will at least try to be fair and say I know our o-line talent is obviously below average. That said, I would think that Russ Grimm after being with the team for as long as he has now […]
11 years ago
Dave Dulberg

November 5, 2012

I’m reading in national articles that the Suns turned down the trade for James Harden. It says they wanted a “substantial player” and two future first round picks. Is this true? And, if so why? You have a franchise superstar who wants to play here, who can be your championship cornerstone. It doesn’t make sense. […]
11 years ago
Vince Marotta

October 12, 2012

“Luck favors the prepared mind.”- Chip Kelly Christopher Sounds awfully close to John Wooden to me. — Doug – your show used to have a podcast. Did you get rid of it? Thanks, Scott don’t think so…I still get e-mails about it. — Those that want Coach Grimm fired just don’t want to accept logical […]
11 years ago
Carter Nacke

December 11, 2011

Jim Leavitt’s 94-57 record at S. Florida is deceiving. I only count what he did once S. Florida got to the Big East. 40-24 and 25-26 in conference. Not to mention how his time at S. Florida ended. With him hitting a player and THEN attempting to cover it up. He didn’t get fired for […]
11 years ago
Carter Nacke

December 10, 2011

Good morning fellas, My opinion, LSU should go to the BCS Championship even if they had lost a game. Has any team in history ever had to play 7 ranked teams in their season? Has any team ever had to play a #2 and TWO # 3’s in one season? That is just sick. LSU […]
11 years ago
Carter Nacke

November 23, 2011

Dear Doug: When I heard you say that you’re willing to give the 5-year vet, Kevin Kolb, until the middle of next season to turn things around I immediately had one thought: How I wish you were my boss! What a luxury it would be to know that I could underperform for a year and […]
12 years ago
November 5, 2011