December 10, 2011

Dec 12, 2011, 1:05 AM | Updated: 1:05 am

Good morning fellas,

My opinion, LSU should go to the BCS Championship even if they had lost a game.

Has any team in history ever had to play 7 ranked teams in their season? Has any team ever had to play a #2 and TWO # 3’s in one season? That is just sick.

LSU needs to be in that game regardless.


Although I agree, I think they will get their first loss in the championship game.

Good Morning Guys,

This year I purchased season tickets for the first time so I could take my 10 year old daughter to the games and start a family tradition that we hope to continue through the years. I was SHOCKED by the way the North ASU parking lot was destroyed by the fans after the game against The U of A. I tailgated beforehand then we picked up our trash.

After the game, my jaw dropped to the ground when I looked over at the parking lot. There was broken glass everywhere. It was truly embarrassing and sad to see. I’m not singling out U of A fans at all but I don’t ever remember seeing it so messed up after the other home games.

Take care, God Bless and Happy Holidays to both of you and your families!



I think people who litter are trash themselves.

I know you guys are talking about Cardinals and ASU mostly today, but I was wondering why the Suns aren’t trying to get Dwight Howard? We could use a big man against Bynum. Is there even a possibility?

Thanks – your favorite listener!


There is no possibility. The draft picks the last few years aren’t strong enough to give Orlando anything back. Lance Blanks isn’t creative enough to put together three-team trades to bring in more pieces. Although Sarver was a part of the Shaq trade, there’s just not enough examples of the Robert Sarver-led ownership group to believe they have the onions to pull off a trade of this magnitude.


Your show is lousy and I have switched to Extra 910. Wolf is awful with all of his nonsense about basinonians, his ads and his relentless pontificating.


Sorry Andrew I can’t respect your opinion. Anyone that is so gutless as to rip my partner without the courage to e-mail him isn’t a great loss to lose as a listener.

Sorry to say it Doug, but I think you’ve missed the boat on the NBA labor dispute. You’ve said that you sympathize with the players side, because they’ve compromised so much and are willing to accept a 51% revenue share; but you have missed a critical detail: the players reject all the salary cap proposals.

The salary cap is the sole means of enforcing any revenue split. Without a meaningful salary cap, the 51% compromise is a disingenuous fraud.

The owners were smart enough to understand that it is better for business if the fans blame the owners exclusively, because owners don’t have fans to lose, players do, and if players lose fans, then the NBA loses fans; so, I think they went out of their way to take the blame for the sake of preserving the value of the product. I believe the players have irresponsibly exploited this fact, and unfortunately, the media has been complicit in this exploitation. The players are greedy, period. Show of hands: how many players have been losing money on the basketball business, under the previous CBA? ZERO! And how many owners? Anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of them.


You’ve put me in a tough position with your passionate argument why 2+2=5. If I’ve missed the boat, at least I went to the dock to find it while you’re driving around Kansas looking for the ocean.

Let me explain one simple fact and let’s see if it changes your mind. SALARY CAPS ARE ILLEGAL. The only way you can have a salary cap is if it’s collectively bargained. By even accepting a salary cap the players are compromising. The old compromise was allowing a salary cap if the players get 57 percent and then the owners went to them and wanted a salary cap but would only share 47 percent.

Each player is the president and CEO of their own business because being a player is a business. They lost money when the owners took their basketball and went home.

Excuse me a minute while I get back on the boat I missed.

dbacks resigned overbay for one yray fyu

I know and I think you might want to work on your texting skills.

Is Lisa going to quit with Erikson? She has not improved the status of the athletic department at ASU.


I think she has done well in the Olympic sports most people don’t care about. So when you say “athletic department,” I think you’re wrong because that’s all-encompassing. However, if you want to narrow it down to the revenue sports of baseball, basketball and football, I would agree.

Keep in mind that was Jim Livengood who screwed up the UofA Basketball transition and his contract was not renewed. If ASU was smart they would axe Lisa Love when this is all over.


I do believe you have to give an AD two football coaching hires. However, when you judge the success of other coaching searches around the conference compared to ASU’s it sheds a very poor light on Lisa Love.

I won’t say fire her when it’s over because there’s still a chance it ends well.


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