December 11, 2011

Dec 12, 2011, 1:08 AM | Updated: 1:08 am

Jim Leavitt’s 94-57 record at S. Florida is deceiving. I only count what he did once S. Florida got to the Big East. 40-24 and 25-26 in conference. Not to mention how his time at S. Florida ended. With him hitting a player and THEN attempting to cover it up. He didn’t get fired for hitting the guy, ultimately he was fired for trying to hide it. Not to mention his sideline demeanor makes Mike Stoops look like Jim Tressel. Why they are considering this guy is beyond me. Doubtless he may be a good coach and is to be commended for raising up S. Florida, but the cover up at S. Florida should be enough for a program like ASU to pass on this guy. You have to know that part of the reason Gruden was pimping him is because they share the same agent.

BRING IN WILCOX!!! With what you save in Wilcox’s salary you are going to be able to spread to some really really high quality assistants. This is not a hard decision. A lot of the fans and some prominent boosters are behind Wilcox. ~~~Josh

I can’t worry about what fans and prominent boosters want. I can only go by who is the best coach.

I love any e-mail that tells me a coach’s record of 94-57 is deceiving. So tell me what about Wilcox’s 0-0 record is deceiving?

Why judge him by only what is his Big East record? Do you think the wins when the program first started shouldn’t count? He was going up against programs with equal budgets and talent. There weren’t other programs going from a trailer into the Big East.

If the cover-up is true, that’s a problem. However, the rest of your points are horrific.


I don’t know if you have seen this shirt or not, but I thought you would love it.


I did see it and I did think it was funny. I love it when non-sports people think they can just jump right in and understand what they’re doing. Kind of like college presidents.

Jim Tressel would look good in a maroon sweater vest!

and compared to the scandals at Miami to Penn State…..Tressel looks like a Saint!

And ASU wouldn’t look good on immediate NCAA sanctions for the next 5 years.


You said the new CBA was supposed to help the small market teams, I think this is inaccurate, the NBA didn’t do enough to help the small market teams, they didn’t do what the NFL did and put in a “franchise tag” so players can’t just move around, they didn’t put in a hard cap to make the league even in spending amongst teams, so they didn’t do one thing to help the small market teams, yet are now whining about players moving from small market teams. It’s a joke.


That’s not what I said. I said the NBA says it will help the small market teams. I said that’s a lie and it was all about the owners keeping more money.


Mike Leach as ASU Football coach?


Tough commute to coach ASU and Wazzu.

I really like Leavitt as a candidate for that job. My only concern is would he change the offense from their spread. I don’t want brock goin under center after the last 2 years in that offense. I also don’t know how he would recruit the west coast. Doesn’t sound like he has ties out here. Gotta keep Broussard.


I’m not sure he would change the offense. He’s a defensive guy so why change it?

I have no idea how he would recruit the west but he did well in Florida.

Hey guys,

I’m a faithful longtime listener in Northern Arizona, though the reception is loud static at best. I felt compelled to write after finding myself screaming at Wolf as he gave his dire prognosis for the NBA with this Chris Paul deal. I was yelling “Wolf, don’t panic!” That’s when I knew it was time to write.

I’m a diehard Suns fan and this Laker deal doesn’t worry me. All this does is reallocate a bunch of high draft picks to mediocre teams, who then load up on future superstars (Oklahoma City, anyone?).

Those superstar teams all start to age and become less of a threat, prompting blockbuster deals for future NBA talent.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that this isn’t the end of the NBA, just the redistribution of future talent wealth.

Thanks and keep up the great show!


Thanks for your loyalty and listening to the show from so far away.

I think any system under the words “re-distribution of wealth” will fail. I’ll use the Cold War as my proof over Oklahoma City as yours.

I think you should start working on a weekly show with Rich Rod for next year.

It would be great to hear the coach each week on your radio station.



That would be up to U of A.

Doug/ Wolf,

The reason every other school is signing great coaches and ASU is not is because of Lisa Love. I am sorry to sound sexist, but the last coach she has hired was a left coast, low-key guy who “oh well”-ed his way through his years as the ASU football coache.

U of A got RIchRod and he’s a fire-breather.

Kansas got Charlie Weis and he’s a fire-breather (when necessary).

And ASU is sniffing up June Jones? Really? SERIOUSLY?

This program needs a coach who can eat iron and spit nails when necessary, and whip the talent on the ASU squad into shape. Unfortunately, I believe that such a guy is not going to be socially amenable to Ms. Love. Football is a man’s game and she won’t pick a man’s football coach. I guarantee that she will pick another coach that will fit in well with her “tea-and-crumpets” administrative set rather than the rough-and-tumble field general we really need. Oh, football gods! Save us from the folly of administrative females!


You don’t sound sexist Stan. You’re a bigoted pig. There’s a big difference.

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