October 12, 2012

Oct 12, 2012, 6:26 PM | Updated: 7:26 pm

“Luck favors the prepared mind.”- Chip Kelly


Sounds awfully close to John Wooden to me.

Doug – your show used to have a podcast. Did you get rid of it?



don’t think so…I still get e-mails about it.

Those that want Coach Grimm fired just don’t want to accept logical explanations. Grimm like you said has to work with what he has been given. Even those that say they should have drafted a lineman before now, who would they want the team to pass on and take an offensive lineman instead.


Thanks for the additional point and for listening.

Good point about lack of experience I am a piano tuner and have been for 25 years and have tuned for many concerts however I didn’t do concert tunings when I had 3 months experience, I wouldn’t have done justice to the clients. The Cardinals have no choice but to throw them to the fire and they will have to sink or swim with them and try to do the best with what they have. There Have been a couple of picks that haven’t worked out but most have been impact players, or have shown potential.


Didn’t look at like that, thanks. My family has moved three times and never tuned the piano. Can you come over some time?


How can a team expect to succeed when they have and have had one of the worst O lines in the league. What is the matter with the front office?


It’s a very legitimate question. Before I say something negative, let me first say I think the Cardinals have one of the best scouting departments in the league. So many of the draft choices and free agent signings have worked out well. So many that weren’t offensive linemen.

I think there is a true hole in their evaluation of offensive lineman. I have no idea if it’s a case where Russ Grimm has too much say and he’s not a great evaluator or not enough say and they’re drafting/signing lineman with little input from him. I don’t question his ability to coach a lineman to be better than they are. I wonder why some of these guys are here in the first place.

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Vince Marotta

November 6, 2012

When do we start questioning Grimm’s coaching and leadership abilities? Before I go off on him I will at least try to be fair and say I know our o-line talent is obviously below average. That said, I would think that Russ Grimm after being with the team for as long as he has now […]

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Dave Dulberg

November 5, 2012

I’m reading in national articles that the Suns turned down the trade for James Harden. It says they wanted a “substantial player” and two future first round picks. Is this true? And, if so why? You have a franchise superstar who wants to play here, who can be your championship cornerstone. It doesn’t make sense. […]

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Carter Nacke

December 11, 2011

Jim Leavitt’s 94-57 record at S. Florida is deceiving. I only count what he did once S. Florida got to the Big East. 40-24 and 25-26 in conference. Not to mention how his time at S. Florida ended. With him hitting a player and THEN attempting to cover it up. He didn’t get fired for […]

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Carter Nacke

December 10, 2011

Good morning fellas, My opinion, LSU should go to the BCS Championship even if they had lost a game. Has any team in history ever had to play 7 ranked teams in their season? Has any team ever had to play a #2 and TWO # 3’s in one season? That is just sick. LSU […]

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Carter Nacke

November 23, 2011

Dear Doug: When I heard you say that you’re willing to give the 5-year vet, Kevin Kolb, until the middle of next season to turn things around I immediately had one thought: How I wish you were my boss! What a luxury it would be to know that I could underperform for a year and […]

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Carter Nacke

November 13, 2011

boston didn’t get swept at home they played in texas Robert Thanks Robert. I always feel like I’ve let people down when I butcher a point like that. Doug – do you know when you’re doing your next show at Gateway Chevrolet? Thank you. Jason Yes. This Wednesday. Hi, Have you posted your WOD ? […]

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October 12, 2012