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Green: Thanks for nothing, Diamondbacks

Thanks for nothing, Diamondbacks

We are in the dog days of summer. Cardinals training camp is a month away, the Suns are not big players in the NBA’s free agent frenzy, and the only news about the Coyotes is about whether or not they are going to be leaving the state.

But, as a four sport city, baseball is supposed to keep our attention during a time when there is little else for the sports fan.

Enter the Diamondbacks.

We all know about the disaster that is the Diamondbacks’ 2009 campaign. But, worse than that, the team is totally uninteresting.

We know the team is going nowhere, many of the players are not likely to finish the season with the team, and it almost seems like a waste of time to get even a little bit emotionally invested in the team because all they will do is break your heart and wreck your day. You’re better off just assuming the game will go like this:

Diamondbacks take the lead early with a few key hits and excellent starting pitching. Diamondbacks fail to add to the lead with more timely hits. Diamondbacks reliever comes into the game. Diamondbacks surrender the lead. Diamondbacks lose.

Sure, you could maybe add a few errors in the field, base running mistakes, and first pitch pop-ups with runners in scoring position (well, maybe not so much right now), but really, is that not how the games generally go?

The only real reason to watch them is not to see a team in a pennant race, a team trying to climb back into the race, or even a young team that is learning and growing before our eyes. Nope, the only reason to tune into a D-backs game at this point is purely just to see what mess they’ll get themselves into next.

But, I digress. I guess bad, irrelevant baseball is better than nothing. Right?