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Green: A thumbs up for Suns fans

Suns fans have gotten a bad rap lately. It was just a few
weeks ago where Steve Nash seemed to call them out of
after a game, saying their lack of energy contributed to
the Suns’ problems on the court.

Known as everything from fair-weather to lackadaisical,
they tend to be reserved bunch, only standing up and
getting loud when they are asked to. Friday night, as the
Suns battled the Heat, the fans got into the heat of the

I have been to a few games this year, and this was the
loudest I remember the arena getting. Head Coach Alvin
Gentry said after the game the fans always do a great job
of giving the team a boost, but at one point late in
the fourth quarter Friday, after a particularly egregious
call by an official, the fans protested so loudly it
reminded me of the 06-07 season.

Granted, the fans have had moments of loudness, when the
game was on the line or when they really disagreed with a
call, but from that missed call on they were into the

In fact, forward Jared Dudley lamented the fact that the
Suns could not pull out the win.

“They definitely were willing us to the victory and I wish
we could have gotten it,” he said after the game. “They
got loud and made them miss some shots they normally make,
but we missed shots that we are supposed to make.”

But the Suns did not make the shots and did not get the
win, and one has to wonder how much longer the fans will
keep up this pace if their team starts to fall off the map

Honestly, it is easy to cheer for a team that is a
dominant contender like the Suns used to be or a
surprisingly fun and competitive team that the Suns seemed
to be early in the season. But after a great start, one
that included making winning at US Airways Center a
regular habit, the Suns have struggled a bit.

And, if the struggles continue, a fanbase that was great
Friday against Miami may find itself running out of
motivation, patience and energy, which are all things most
people think Suns fans lack anyway.

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