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Green: A look back at Super Bowl XLIII

I had only been with KTAR for a few months when the Cardinals went
on their magical run to Super Bowl XLIII. Having grown up a Cardinals fan
(and season ticket holder), I made sure to volunteer my services to cover
the team by taking pictures and writing stories. Looking back, the entire
experience is somewhat surreal.

Think about it: the Arizona Cardinals in the Super

I feel, even back then, that it was all so much of a shock that nobody really
knew how to handle it. None of us had ever enjoyed much success
when it came to the Cardinals, so being around a team that was preparing
for the biggest game in sports was an entirely new experience. For me,
being a ‘real reporter’ throughout all of this gave me a completely different
perspective on the couple of weeks.

Trust me, I was (and am) still a fan at heart. You don’t forget your bias or
your hopes when you become a journalist; you only need to be professional
enough to not let it affect your work. Bias is unacceptable, as it is our job
to tell the story as it is, not as we want it to be.