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Green: D-backs will stink but that’s OK

I’m often told that, when it comes to my views on sports,
I’m a negative person. People say I refuse to see the
glimmers of hope, that I see most situations in a “glass
half empty” kind of way.

From my saying the Suns had a bad offseason and would be
mediocre at best in November to calling out Steve Nash for
poor play after the All-Star break, along with saying the
luster has worn off Ken Whisenhunt, the point was I just
couldn’t be happy with these teams. Whether I was right or
not didn’t matter, they just wanted me to be more positive
about the local teams.

Well, I’ll tell you what: I’m positive when it comes to
the Arizona Diamondbacks. I have no doubt they’ll stink
this year, and I’m perfectly fine with it.

Thing is, I know teams will have their ups and downs. I am
perfectly capable of understanding that a team won’t
always win and, as a fan in the Valley of the Sun, it’s
almost wrong of me to expect my teams to win. I get that.
All I ask for, honestly, is progression, that the teams,
if they are not competing for a championship, are making
an effort to get to that level.