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Eulogizing the 2010-11 Phoenix Suns

Saying goodbye is never easy. The idea of being without
something we’ve grown accustomed to leads to a flood of
different emotions, whether it be anger, sadness,
indifference or something else.

Still, there comes a time when we must recognize what once
was, acknowledge an existence, and consider the impact one
had on our lives. With that, it is time to remember the
2010-11 Phoenix Suns.

The team began the year, right or wrong, with some lofty
expectations. Having suffered through some major setbacks
before they even had a chance, many thought they could
persevere and be more than they were set up to be. They
did not fail to meet the expectations I had placed on
them, though I’m aware some people were left wanting just
a little more. I wouldn’t blame the 2010-11 Suns for that,
as they weren’t the ones who placed unreasonable
expectations on themselves.

Seemingly behind the 8-ball from the start, the team did
the best they could (most of the time) and left us with
some moments we can look back upon with fondness.

Take, for instance, a cool night in November where the
team made 22 three-pointers and beat the defending
champion Lakers in their house. That was fun in large part
because it was so unexpected, and it was a night we talked
about for days after.

Furthermore, remember that win against the big, bad
Celtics? Where the team showed toughness and grit,
something we thought they lacked all along? At the time we
hoped it would be the beginning of something special but
alas, it was just not meant to be. Even so, I don’t think
any of us would give that win back, and nor should we.
After all, there weren’t many of them this season.

Still, the seven months or so were not a complete waste of
time, even if it may seem that way now. There is what the
time did for Grant Hill, allowing him to showcase
defensive ability few knew he had. Of course, who could
forget about Channing Frye, who discovered that there was
more to him than we originally thought. He proved his
worth all throughout the year, emerging as one of the
team’s better players. Jared Dudley emerged as well, going
from solid role-player to valuable starter by season’s


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