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Damn you Kevin Kolb

Kevin Kolb has not played a down for the Arizona

He has not thrown an interception. He has not fumbled a
snap. He has not taken a sack and he has not missed a wide
open receiver. Hell, he isn’t even on the Arizona
Cardinals roster.

And yet, he’s done something only people like Jake Plummer,
Matt Leinart, Dennis Green and Bill Bidwill can claim to have accomplished:
turn Cardinals fans against each other.

“Larry Fitzgerald will ONLY stay if the Cardinals get
Kevin Kolb.”

“The difference between Kyle Orton and Kevin Kolb is that
Orton isn’t terrible.”

“Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie stinks, team would be better
off without him anyway.”

“Kevin Kolb fights against cancer while every other
available QB is hiding the cure for the disease in their

“Kyle Orton is average, Kevin Kolb can be great.”

“You want to give up what for Kolb? Do you even watch

You’ve heard (most of) it. You’ve seen it. You’ve probably
even been a part of it. And it needs to end.

Everyone knows the Cardinals need a QB, and it’s exciting
to see the Cardinals even being mentioned with some of the
top signal callers available. Remember in the past when
guys like Joe Montana feigned interest in Arizona just so
he could get a better contract somewhere else? That
doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.

No, these quarterbacks are being linked to the Cardinals
because they’d actually like to play for them. Having a
player like Fitzgerald helps, as does the team’s newfound
reputation as a team that actually cares about winning.
These things are not likely to change anytime soon, and
that’s something Cardinals fans should be celebrating.
Instead, we’re fighting.

It’s not that long ago where we were united behind a team
that surprised us all on the way to the Super Bowl. We
did, indeed, do it together, but no more than a couple
years later the rallying cry has been replaced by
repetitive discussion about what the team should do to
move on from the Derek Anderson/Max Hall/John
Skelton/Richard Bartel era.

The good news, though, is that the options are there.

Whether the Cardinals land Kolb, Orton, Matt Hasselbeck or
someone else, the odds are very much in favor of the next
starting QB being better than the last. That is important,
because once this is all over we can finally get back to
what matters: the Arizona Cardinals.

Because, as we know, the team has more issues than just
quarterback, as the offensive line is a mess, the
linebackers are old and they have a dozen running backs,
each of whom will want (and deserve) touches.

And, when it gets down to it, that’s what we all care
about. That’s what we all should care about. Because soon
the games will start, and every worry a fan could have
about a team will be on the front burner.

Why did _____ throw that interception? What the hell kind
of a play-call was that? Wow, could this defense
impersonate a group of matadors any better? Nice tackle,
you bum. You call that coverage?

Ahh yes, the sounds of Cardinals fans who want the team to
be better. In the end that’s all we are.

Whichever QB we want we do so with the belief that he will
make the Arizona Cardinals a better team. That’s all any
of us want. We’re all on the same team.

But Kevin Kolb’s not on our team, and yet he managed to
turn us against each other.

Damn him.