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What were they thinking? – 7-27

What Were They Thinking…After Jon Garland’s last start he found it necessary to call out his teammates for not trying. Mark Reynolds did this a couple of weeks ago and it gave the team a short term spark. The big difference between Reynolds and Garland is that Reynolds plays everyday and has been a D-back for three years. Reynolds’ numbers this year speak for itself, the right to call out other players for not performing has been earned. Jon Garland’s ERA is 4.41, even though his starts have improved the past month. Garland has been a Diamondback for less than a year, the right to bash teammates hasn’t been earned yet.

What Were They Thinking… ESPN had a bad week. It sounds like an ESPN employee is possibly behind the Erin Andrews fiasco and they royally screwed up the coverage of the Ben Roethlisberger accusations. ESPN has covered civil suits in the past, I remember them covering OJ Simpson’s civil suit after his criminal trial. ESPN’s job is to cover sports news, they cannot let relationships with players get in the way or they will lose credibility. A bad job by the worldwide leader.

What Were They Thinking… I can’t stand that the NFL Draft changed it’s starting time. They just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to try and squeeze every single penny out of the draft. I can’t get on the NFL for trying to make money, that is their job, but I don’t think the draft is going to generate the interest in prime time that a lot of people think. There is a small group of people that actually sit down and watch the draft. Let’s be honest, unless your sports geek like myself, it really isn’t exciting to watch. A guy walks up to a podium with a card and reads a name, not riveting stuff. Most people will just log onto the internet and read who their team takes that way. People on the West Coast aren’t going to skip out of work and people on the East Coast will not stay up until 10:00 p.m. when they have work the next day.

What Were They Thinking… I cannot believe that the media made such a big deal that Tim Tebow was not a unanimous SEC pre-season selection. WHO CARES!!!! Key word in that phrase – pre-season. If Tebow got snubbed by Steve Spurrier for the Heisman that is a legitimate story, not this nonsense that he wasn’t a unanimous selection.