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Gibberman: Release the list

On the heels of one never ending story maybe coming to an end, another one pops right up. Sometimes I wonder if ESPN plans this stuff, Favre announces retirement, two days later it gets released that David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez took steroids in 2003, a year when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

I hate the holier than thou rhetoric that is bound to come out from players, media, and fans over the next few days. I admit it, when Barry Bonds was chasing the single season home run record I was cheering for him and I have his jersey to prove it. All of the players from this era juiced, it is time to get over it.

It is going to be impossible to move past the steroid issue until the full list from 2003 is released. That won’t even bring full closure, but it is as close as we are going to get. I don’t know all the legal jargon and who has control over “the list”, but Bud Selig cannot continue to let names trickle out slowly bringing negative attention to the game. Right now Red Sox fans should be concentrating on the huge Yanks-Sox series that is coming up next Thursday; instead they have to deal with this nonsense.

After this year’s World Series, once we are into the offseason the powers to be need to come together and get “the list” out in the open. All of MLB would take a hit for a week or two, “Oh my god how could these players do this, they are a disgrace to the game, blah blah blah”, then free agency would come around and everything would be back to normal. I am tired of this being dragged out; let’s put an end to this story.