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The Jump – Shoot ’em up

Washington Wizards point guard Gilbert Arenas was suspended indefinitely Wednesday by NBA commissioner David Stern. There were two completely different circumstances that involved guns recently, but as usual the public and David Stern overreacted- just as the New York government did in the Plaxico Burress situation.

Has David Stern watched an action movie, played a video game, or listened to any hip hop song from the past 10 years? Whether we like it or not violence and guns are an accepted part of our society. The top selling album of 2009 was Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III, go through and listen to that CD, I would bet that guns are mentioned at least once in every single song. The #1 grossing movie of the year was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. I understand it was animated, but the whole movie is robots shooting and trying to blow each other up; six of the top 10 selling video games in 2009 all involved guns and killing people.

Did Gilbert Arenas make a mistake? Absolutely, but to suspend him for an entire season is completely ridiculous. The part of Stern’s decision that annoys me the most is that, as far as anyone knows, he hasn’t even talked to Arenas yet!!! How in the world do you make such an important decision without even talking Arenas? Give Gilbert a chance to defend himself before you take away a man’s love and passion. If Roger Goodell has enough time and decency to sit with “Pacman” Jones, Plaxico Burress and Chris Henry I’m sure David Stern has an hour he can sacrifice to sit with Gilbert Arenas.

One thing that has gone under the radar in this situation is the scumbag move by Washington Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld, the man who reported the incident to the NBA. Let’s give Grunfeld a round of applause for being the rat of the year!!!! If this was on the Sopranos he would be joining Big Pussy at the bottom of the ocean swimming with the fishes. Grunfeld was looking for any way possible to void Agent Zero’s contract and he stooped to an all-time low by reporting a locker room prank. What happened to the adage what happens in the locker room stays in the locker room? Ernie knows he made a huge mistake giving Arenas a long term contract and saw this as an opportunity to right his wrong. If I am a player in the NBA there is not a chance in hell I would ever sign for a team ran by this man, who clearly does not have the best interest of players on his mind.

Tip Off

I had a couple of things I wanted to get to in my earlier edition of The Jump, but my editor Adam Green already wanted to kill me because it was 2,000+ words (editor’s note: much appreciated). Here is what I wanted discuss:

-During the Phoenix Suns-Memphis Grizzlies broadcast Suns TV analyst Eddie Johnson named his team of the decade. All of this team of the decade nonsense isn’t something I wanted to get into, but I couldn’t let this one go. Eddie’s team was C-Tim Duncan, PF-LeBron James, SF-Kobe Bryant, SG-Dwayne Wade and PG-Steve Nash. How in the world do you leave Shaquille O’Neal off the all decade team? Here is how the team should look: C-Shaq, PF- Duncan, SF- LeBron, SG-Kobe and PG-Nash. The only position that is up for debate is the small forward position. As good as LeBron is he has never won an NBA title and he only played in about two-thirds of the decade. You could go with a big lineup throwing Dirk Nowitzki at small forward or put Paul Pierce/Tracy McGrady in the argument. At the end of the day I stick with James because he was the best player in the league for a two-three year period to end the decade.

-Speaking off all decade teams what I want to do is look forward to the next decade of NBA basketball. Here is my prediction for who we will be naming as our all decade team from 2010-2020:

C-Andrew Bynum
PF-Dwight Howard
SF-LeBron James
SG- Kevin Durant
PG- Chris Paul

The toughest decision for me was at point guard position, it was very difficult for me to pick between Kentucky freshman PG John Wall and Hornets PG Chris Paul. I decided to go with Paul because I have already seen what he can do at the NBA level.