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Off the Ice: Time to move Kyle Turris

I’ve seen all I need to see.

Current Phoenix Coyotes center and former contract holdout Kyle Turris was signed in late November and had the opportunity to play in two games so far with the Coyotes. In those two games, Turris has looked really good, if you only look at the stats.

Turris has won eight of his 14 face-offs so far this season, led the Coyotes in shots on goal in his season debut and has only gone in the box once, but it was a bad call. Sounds good right?

Not so much. Turris looked crisp on Thursday against the Winnipeg Jets, but he was careless with the puck. He turned it over several times, generally in a bad spot, and it almost led to several goals. Turnovers happen, but Turris looked a little too relaxed on the puck. First game jitters?

Nope. On Saturday against the Flyers, Turris looked gassed and out of shape. For a player who was touted as being bigger, stronger and faster than last season, I haven’t seen it. Sure, Turris took a rebounded save to the face, but that shouldn’t affect his ability to skate for the rest of the game.

Maybe it’s just me, but had I missed almost a quarter of a season with an effort team, I would be busting my butt to get back onto a scoring line. Even if I wanted a trade, I would be working in the corner and making hits to tempt more teams to make better offers. But I haven’t seen that Turris yet. I’ve seen the Turris who is acting like a spoiled kid on the ice.

It’s time to do something with Turris. The Coyotes were doing very, very well without him and are scratching physical forwards who work for the puck and create turnovers to keep him in the lineup. I understand that Turris has potential, but a solid team who was working well together doesn’t need potential, they need to be allowed to do their thing.

I don’t care if he’s sent to the AHL for a few weeks or traded; Turris needs to go. If the Coyotes see potential for him in the organization, great. Send him down and let him actually get in shape. If they’re going to trade him, move him to a line with Vrbata and Whitney, get him a few points and watch his trade value rise.

Nothing against you, Kyle. I’ve heard you’re a great guy and I’m sure you are, but right now your team needs someone who leaves everything on the ice and until you learn to do that, I don’t see a necessity to keep you on the roster.