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Arizona Sports Face-Off: Booing Kevin Kolb?

Arizona Cardinals fans got to see their team for the
first time at Fan Fest, though cheers weren’t the only
thing heard at University of Phoenix Stadium.

Some boos rained down on QB Kevin Kolb, with fans voicing
their displeasure as he misfired on some passes.

Was it warranted? Was it fair? That’s the topic of this
week’s Face-Off.

Vince Marotta:
Really, fans?
Green: I get it
OK, Cardinals fans…
you want to boo Kevin Kolb after he goes 11-for-35 and
throws three picks in a loss to San Francisco? Have at
it. But you boo him because he threw a pick and had a
pass knocked down at the tail end of Fan Fest, which
included a practice that the Cardinals were nice enough to
let you watch? Unacceptable.

We’ve seen a very small sample of what Kevin Kolb can do
as the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. Has it been
great? No. But it’s also been so small that you’re jumping
the gun by determining that the trade to bring him here
and the subsequent contract extension were bad moves. Do
you really miss Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that much?
Oh, by the way, they’re booing him in Philadelphia right

To quote the great John Lennon, “all I am saying is give
Kolb a chance.” Lennon did say that, right?

Would I have booed Kevin Kolb? No, I wouldn’t have. It was
just a practice and, well, it was just a practice.

However, Kolb has done nothing to deserve the benefit of
the doubt from fans, practice or not. He had a
disappointing first season in Arizona, leaving the lasting
memory of not-good QB play in the minds of the fans.

This was the first time fans have seen Kolb since he
exited Dec. 11 game against the 49ers, so he has not done
anything to erase the memories of last season in the eyes
of fans. So to them, practice or not, they were just
booing a guy they think has not been good for the

The good news for Kolb, of course, is that he will have a
chance to prove the booers wrong this season. If he plays
well he’ll hear nothing but cheers from Cardinals fans,
and if not, there will be more boos than what was heard at
Fan Fest.