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Do PHX teams just have ugly uniforms?

We told you a couple of days ago about’s Paul Lukas and his master list ranking the uniforms of all 122 major league franchises in North America.

Lukas basically hates the Arizona Cardinals’ unis — they came in ranked 114th, and fourth-ugliest among NFL squads.

Well, it turns out Lukas isn’t that fond of the other Valley teams’ looks either.

The Phoenix Coyotes rank 76th overall — which is the highest for any Phoenix team! Says Lukas:

Admit it: You miss their Cubist phase. Sure, it was silly, but playing hockey in the desert is a silly enterprise to begin with, so why not run with that? There’s nothing wrong with their current look when viewed in a vacuum, but it feels a tad unadventurous, no?

One spot lower, the Phoenix Suns.

The basic template is refreshingly straightforward, and the uni number going through the hoop is a simple concept that totally works. So why don’t they rank higher? Simple: purple and gray is a brutal color combo, and orange and gray isn’t far behind. Why have any gray at all? You’re called the Suns, not the Clouds. Jeez.

And coming in at #90, the Arizona Diamondbacks — or the third-worst uniform in Major League Baseball, behind only the San Diego Padres (#103) and the Cleveland Indians (#98).

How to look like a minor league team: 1. Wear your nickname, instead of your full team name, on your chest. 2. Render the nickname in digital lettering that’s difficult to decipher. 3. While you’re at it, render your road insignia in a mix of upper- and lowercase lettering. 4. Add lots of black elements, just because.

What say you? Who’s got the nicest threads in Phoenix?