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Arizona Cardinals — sharply dressed men

There aren’t many national publications predicting good things for the 2012 Arizona Cardinals.

We’ll spare you the gloom and doom.

But just in time for football season, the fine folks over at Esquire Magazine have released their list of the 15 Best Dressed Players in the National Football League, and not one, but two Cardinals landed on the list.

Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald and safety Kerry Rhodes both landed on the the list, making the Cardinals one of only two teams with more than one representative. The New York Giants are the other, and when you’re in the same category as the Super Bowl champs, you’re doing something right.

Here’s what Esquire had to say about Fitzgerald’s look:

Because he’s a man who sets rules for himself and follows them. Tailored, always. Pocket square, always. Contrasting collar, sometimes. Lacking in effort, never.

And their take on Rhodes’ sartorial prowess:

Because the man can somehow wear five different accessories at a time (count them: watch, sunglasses, earing, tie, scarf) and not look overdressed. The sharkskin grey suit he pairs them with doesn’t hurt the cause, and brings plenty of swagger on its own.