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‘You’re going the wrong way’

We venture outside the Grand Canyon State for a “highlight” from the Towson State-Kent State season opener from Thursday night.

Yes, you read that right…Towson State against Kent State, so you know this is good.

Late in the first half, Kent was punting to Towson and the ball grazed off of the return man. The ball was live, and Kent State’s Andre Parker picked it up, and in his haste, returned the ball 58 yards — in the wrong direction!

The funny part is that Towson players were actually trying to tackle him. Of course, you can’t advance a muffed punt, so Kent State got the ball at the Towson 7-yard line and got a field goal before the end of the half to stretch their lead to 27-7.

Check out Parker’s reaction at the :33 mark of the video. Good stuff.

And we defy you to watch this video and not be reminded of this classic moment from “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.