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ESPN reporter makes joke about Andy Reid’s weight

New (at least, we’re pretty sure) Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is not a small man.

The 54-year-old coach, formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles, is known not only for his coaching acumen, but for being a little on the heavy side as well.

Heck, people even like to say he looks a bit like a walrus.

However, what ESPN NFL reporter Ed Werder did on SportsCenter Friday morning came as a bit of a shock to everyone in humanity.

Werder, who was brought on to discuss where the Reid-to-Kansas City talks were, was explaining things when he started talking about who got on a plane from Philadelphia to Kansas City.

Apparently Reid was not on the plane, which led to Werder making a joke that he likely regretted as soon as he made it.


Werder, via his twitter, has since apologized.

Well good then, that settles it.