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Darnell Dockett hits on Katherine Webb, may have found Cardinals’ next QB

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett is quite a character.

Especially on twitter.

Dockett, who never holds back and every now and then tweets something controversial, had some fun during the BCS National Championship game Monday night.

You see, shortly after ESPN play-by-play man Brent Musberger ogled alerted us to Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb, her popularity skyrocketed.

It makes sense, as she’s fairly good looking and all.

Anyway, Dockett, who we assume was watching the game and saw the lovely lady, sent a tweet her way.

As quoted by, Dockett wrote:

Aye @_katherinewebb hit me (240) 464-XXXX when game over, lets go to wing stop then King of diamond,

We removed part of Dockett’s number for the sake of protecting…uhhh…his phone number, and suffice to say the Arizona Cardinal later admitted that was meant to be a direct message, not a tweet to the masses.

However, Dockett admitted to not being embarrassed about the snafu, and even went a step further when he posted this tweet:

Apparently, McCarron would have none of this. Or, at least he’d have very little of it.

Which led to a conversation between the two.

To his credit, it appears McCarron harbors no ill feelings towards Dockett, which makes sense given all he’s got going for him. A BCS National Championship. The title of “Starting Quarterback for Alabama.” A really hot girlfriend.

In fact, McCarron wouldn’t mind becoming Dockett’s teammate some day.

Game. Set. Match. McCarron.