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Aaron Rodgers’ celebration causes NBA squabble

Aaron Rodgers may not have realized it at the time, but after the Packers won the Super Bowl two years ago, his title belt celebration took off.

How far you ask?

Well in last night’s game between the Bulls and Knicks at Madison Square Garden, former Knick Nate Robinson hit a late three in Chicago’s seven-point victory and wasted little time mocking New York reserve Steve Novak (grew up in Wisconsin), who has been known to celebrate big shots with Rodgers’ go-to move.

Now Rodgers’ celebration has been used for comedic purposes, most notable in State Farm’s ‘Discount Double Check’ commercials, but Friday night the move wasn’t taken in jest.

Take a look at Novak’s post-game reaction to Robinson’s antics:

Here’s hoping Novak and ‘Little Nathan’ can end this squabble between role players sooner rather than later.