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Boston mayor wants Red Sox to win ‘World Series Cup’

Politics and sports don’t always mix.

Case in point: Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

Menino told reporters Tuesday that he hopes the Red Sox win “the World Series Cup.”

Swing and a miss.

Odds are the 70-year-old mayor, who is in the midst of his fifth and final term, was getting his sports mixed up. After all, the Boston Bruins competed for the Stanley Cup last summer, while the Red Sox are about to take on the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Apparently this is not Menino’s first sports-related slip up, as ESPN reports he has mixed up New England Patriots players as well as gotten members of the Boston Celtics’ names wrong, too.

Menino’s most infamous reference came in 2010, when dedicating a statue to Bruins legend Bobby Orr’s “ionic” goal to win the 1970 Stanley Cup. In discussing some of the best moments in Boston sports, Menino said it was Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek who “split the uprights” to win the Patriots’ first Super Bowl in 2002. He was of course referring to Adam Vinatieri.