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Dustin Pedroia mocks his Arizona State education

It’s probably safe to say Arizona State University does not have the greatest of reputations when it comes to academics.

Before Game 2 of the World Series Thursday, Dustin Pedroia did the school no favors.

A former AL MVP, Pedroia, was asked by a reporter who about the “validity” of allegations that pitcher John Lester was cheating in Game 1.

Pedroia’s answer?

“I don’t know what that word is, man,” he said. “Arizona State education, bro.”

For what it’s worth, “validity” is defined by as “the state or quality of being valid.”

Used in a sentence, one could maybe say, “There may be some validity to the assumption that ASU is not a bastion for academia.”

Video of the exchange can be found below, starting at the :42 mark.