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Donkey Kong incarnate is a place-holding high school football player in Oregon

What you’re about to view is a mutated two-point conversion.

It’s part Tebow, part Donkey Kong and fully bizarre.

Watch as, just before the snap, the place holder abandons his post and turns around, only to begin hopping like a slow-moving silverback gorilla down the 10-yard line and toward the referee who, for a moment, appears caught off guard and has to give way to No. 69, a 5-foot-5, 220-pound wrecking ball.

Then, the kicker — a fairly rotund fellow himself, sporting No. 71 — takes a direct snap, runs toward the offensive line, and pulls off a wonderful Tim Tebow-inspired jump pass, finding a not-so-round tight end in the back of the end zone.

By the time the point after attempt is converted, old DK is strutting off the field, his back turned to the play, confident his decoy paid dividends.