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ASU’s 942 Crew making things funny for opposing free throw shooters

There is a group of students at Arizona State home basketball contests that is making the in-game experience a little more enjoyable.

The 942 Crew, which was introduced during the 2011-12 season and is named for the number of seats in the student section, has rolled out some pretty interesting ways to distract opposing free throw shooters.

Take Monday night’s game against Marquette, when Golden Eagles’ big man Davante Gardner stepped to the line to shoot two free throws. He was greeted by student Tim Schodt, dressed up as Miley Cyrus from her now infamous video for “Wrecking Ball.” And yes, Schodt had a wrecking ball with him. And yes, he even did the signature Cyrus twerk before Gardner’s second free throw, which he clanked off the rim, much to the delight of the ever-growing student section at Wells Fargo Arena.

It’s not his first distracting stunt.

“We had a hot dog eating competition, a kayaker come out in an actual kayak, our own M.C. Hammer impersonation and even what we call the Richard Simmons twins lead the whole student section in a calisthenics routine,” Schodt said.

Schodt assures The Haboob that there are more shenanigans in store.

We can’t wait.

“It’s been pretty successful between the athletic administration, coaches and players,” said Schodt. “Particularly the ideas where it just gets really funny and the crowd gets really into it, because that’s the part they like to see.”