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Former Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart spoofs himself in Dish Network ad

He’s been gone from the Valley for over four years, but we’re still writing about Matt Leinart.

The former first-round pick of the Arizona Cardinals made the Haboob Blog last month for a twitter spat with Superman himself, Dean Cain — although we prefer Christopher Reeve, George Reeves, Henry Cavill and hell, even Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel!

The former Heisman winner shows up in a Dish Network ad with Brian Bosworth and Heath Shuler, whom like Leinart, peaked in their collegiate days. The commercial is trumpeting the fact that you can watch college football anywhere with Dish through a mobile device.

“It’s like we’re back in college,” a stuffed kangaroo voiced by actress Rebel Wilson says.

Focus on the booth behind them where Leinart asks “College? I can go back to college?”

Pretty hilarious stuff.