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Young fan with popcorn bucket hat gets hit by ball, falls onto field

When you go to a baseball game and sit in the front row, you know there’s a solid chance a ball will come your way.

That’s exactly what happened for one young fan at the Arizona Diamondbacks-Washington Nationals game on Wednesday.

Unfortunately for the kid, who was wearing a Bryce Harper shirt, a Harper foul ball took a nasty bounce off the wall and he ended up taking it off his head. While wearing a popcorn bucket hat. And then he fell onto the field.

Talk about a string of bad luck all happening in about 2.2 seconds.

Diamondbacks broadcaster Bob Brenly summed it up well, “Oh, he took it right in the chops. Tough bounce, knocked the popcorn bucket right off his head.”

We’re thinking maybe the kid has thrown away the Harper shirt.