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Indianapolis Colts players lead make over for home of Army veteran

A new video features Indianapolis Colts players Pat McAfee and Coby Fleener leading a team that makes over an Army veteran’s house.

The video was posted to the ThankAHero account on YouTube, and the description says the two Colts players participated in the makeover in hopes of inspiring others to honor a veteran on the Fourth of July.

The hero they chose to thank is Erich Orrick. In the video, it says he’s a single dad who has been injured several times in the Army and now leads a foundation, Wish For Our Heroes, that helps out other veterans.

McAfee and Fleener first had to invent a ruse to get Orrick out of his house for a few days, so they pretended they were shooting a TV show where Fleener is looking to invest in a foundation.

The makeover involved new appliances, furniture, TVs and a grill, as well as framed military medals and Colts jerseys. The Army vet was in for a big surprise when he came home. On top of that, the two players decided to donate $5,000 to Orrick’s foundation.

It was a good way for the Colts players to pay it forward heading into Independence Day, and another thing is for sure: McAfee is really good on camera. He may have a broadcast career in his future.

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