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Schedule shows how far Cardinals have fallen

PHOENIX – The NFL released the schedule for next season and with it the list of prime time games on Sunday and Monday night football where the league typically puts the best teams.

The Arizona Cardinals don’t have any prime time games on either Sunday or Monday night football next season.

It only took one awful season for the league to relegate the Cardinals to second class status.

It’s hard to argue the Cardinals deserve a spot in any high profile game considering how bad they looked last season and their uncertainty at the quarterback position.

Cardinals’ coach Ken Whisenhunt will miss playing in the spotlight next season.

“You do like to play in the prime time games,” said Whisenhunt.

The Cardinals coach is holding out hope, with the alternate flex scheduling on Sunday Night Football, that his team can still find a way to play themselves into a prime time slot.

“If we can get our stuff together and play well maybe we’ll get the opportunity for that later in the year,” said Whisenhunt.

The Cardinals will have to improve drastically for any chance of that to happen.

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