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Kolb conversation isn’t about yes and no, it’s about being fair

Maybe we’re all too quick to judge Kevin Kolb.

“When you talk about Kevin Kolb or really anybody else who has done good things at a pro level, but hasn’t had that sample size you need, the conversation…is really about being fair,” said Ron Wolfley, co-host of Arizona Sports 620’s Doug & Wolf Show.

While Wolfley did not shy away from the fact that Kolb could turn out to be the “world’s worst acquisition of all time”, he said it’s not fair to judge Kolb on so few starts.

Going into this week’s bye, the Cardinals are sitting at 1-4 and some people are calling for Kolb’s head, or at least his job, but Wolfley was not ready to drop the guillotine just yet.

“There is no way you can look at Kevin Kolb and say, in five games, ‘You know what? That guy is a bust,’ especially when you watch film,” Wolfley said.

Kolb may not be making the right throws or decisions, but his bad actions are surpassed by good ones, Wolfley said.

It may be too early to judge Kolb, but it’s time for the Cardinals to reflect on their play and what they need to do from here as they head into an NFL-mandated four consecutive days off this weekend.

The jury, according to Wolfley, should still be out on Kevin Kolb.

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