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Out of ideas, Nash turns to Facebook for answers

“Man, this has been a really disappointing season. What do you think the Suns need to do for next year?”

Everyone has their own idea of how to fix the Phoenix Suns, and point guard Steve Nash took to Facebook to hear some of them.

The Suns, at 36-38 and losers of four straight, are all but mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Lottery-bound for the second time in three seasons, the 37-year-old Nash must be hoping a great idea comes up as he is running out of time and seasons to become a champion.

With ideas ranging from “i think focus more on defense so that it will be easier for you to run transition plays” and “extend yours and grants contracts and get a legit power forward” to “Either trade you to a team that doesn’t have a meddlesome and CHEAP owner. Or trade the owner.” and “Forget about the suns , you should go after a ring :/”, maybe it would be best if President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby and GM Lance Blanks did not reference Nash’s page when planning their offseason.

However, an aging roster devoid of potential stars does not lend itself to a bright future for Planet Orange. The Suns will have a lottery selection to make, but odds are they won’t be selecting early enough to draft one of the few available impact players.

With all that, the true paranoid fan may read into Nash’s saying the Suns instead of we and wonder if the changes that are made will result in the two-time MVP playing in a different location.

As has already been noted, should the Suns put Nash on the market there will be no shortage of potential suitors.

Given the lack of trade-able assets other than Nash, with no developing youth or cap space, what the Suns need to do for next year and what they actually can do for next year are two completely different things. So, while Nash might be letting his fans play GM for a bit, the ones who are really in charge of making these decisions have their work cut out for them.

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