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Fitzgerald says it’s not right to blame Whisenhunt

The Cardinals’ slow 1-4 start on the heels of last year’s
5-11 season has fans starting to question head coach Ken

However, starting wideout Larry Fitzgerald believes the
team’s struggles aren’t Whisenhunt’s fault.

“I think coach Whisenhunt is taking to much of a bad wrap
for things that have happened this season,” Fitzgerald
said. “At the end of the day he’s not catching any passes,
he’s not making any blocks he’s not tackling anybody. The
onus has to fall on the players and right now the players
are not getting it done so we have to be able to get out
there and execute better.”

Fitzgerald knows the team, himself included, hasn’t
performed well this season. The pro bowler has compiled
427 yards and only two touchdowns, and he’s been kept out
of the end zone the last two games.

“I just know that the men in this room, we have resolve we
have ultimate confidence in our abilities,” Fitzgerald
said, “but we haven’t performed to the level were capable
of playing yet.”

The Cardinals aren’t performing horribly, ranking in the
middle of the pack in offense and defense, but the team
knows they have to get better to be a playoff team.

Fitzgerald and the Cardinals will get a chance to improve
on the rankings Sunday against the Steelers, Fitz says the
team has to take the game one play at a time.

“We just got to get going in the right direction, put a
couple good plays together, put a couple good series
together, put a couple good quarters and you know put a
good game together,” Fitzgerald said. “That’s how it
happens one play at a time and we have got to take it that

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