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Cardinals meeting with players and coaches was about accountability

Arizona Sports 620’s Ron Wolfley shared some insight on
the Cardinals players only meeting that wasn’t in fact a
players only meeting.

“To me that’s the best kind of meeting you can possibly
have,” Wolfley said, “where a coach opens it up to players
and they just sit and listen. And the reason why is
because ultimately it speaks to accountability.”

Wolfley said that players and coaches will look at two
things in a player-coaches meeting, with number one being
who stands up.

“A coach can observe and say ‘My goodness, that player
must be respected in the locker room or is a developing
leader if he’s not a guy who has been around forever like
Adrian Wilson,'” Wolfley said.

The second thing that comes out of a meeting like this is
what the players are saying. Standing up in front of peers
and coaches brings a lot of credibility to a teammate,
according to Wolfley.

“In a players only meeting, it’s kind of like a pack of
dogs,” Wolfley said.

Clearing the air and communicating can bring a team
together and has all good intentions, but it does not
necessarily translate into victories.

“There is no guarantee for success here,” Wolfey said.
“But if there is going to be any change, it’s going to be
about accountability and it’s going to have to start with
the true leaders in that locker room.”

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