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Hill puts aside differences, donates to Rose’s school

Have you ever heard the saying “kill em with kindness”? Phoenix Suns forward Grant Hill certainly has.

According to Hill has decided to donate money to a new charter school in Detroit that is named after Jalen Rose. Yes, the same Jalen Rose who just earlier this year in a documentary referred to Hill and some of his other college teammates at Duke as ‘Uncle Toms’.

The Jalen Rose Leadership Academy is expected to open in September. Rose says Hill has promised to lend his support and that things are fine between them after Hill criticized Rose in March for comments he made in an ESPN documentary about Michigan’s famous Fab Five.

It’s impressive when you consider the uproar that was caused by Rose’s initial comments and the subsequent stir Hill’s op-ed piece in the New York Times caused just a few short days later.

It’s yet another example of the character Hill possesses on and off the court. Despite being called something that offended him, he has acted as the bigger man. He put his differences aside to not only help Rose but help the kids in Detroit looking for a better education.

We aren’t the first people to praise Hill and we certainly won’t be the last. It just comes with the territory of being one of sports’ nicest guys.