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If D’Antoni and Colangelo reunite in Toronto, could Nash be next?

Steve Nash will be the subject of trade rumors until he either leaves the Suns or retires from the NBA.

Possible destinations have included New York and Toronto, because of the point guard’s ties to the Knicks’ head coach and the country of Canada.

What if, however, the two joined forces?

With the Raptors seeking a new head coach and Mike D’Antoni maybe falling out of favor in New York, the possibility for a reunion is out there. If D’Antoni heads north to Toronto, is it possible Nash won’t be far behind?

Sports 620 KTAR’s Doug Franz feels the Raptors sure would try to pry the two-time MVP from the Valley of the Sun.

“I believe [D’Antoni] thinks ‘I need Bryan Colangelo and I need some kind of Canadian point guard to run my system in Toronto,'” he said.

The trio of Colangelo, D’Antoni and Nash did some great things in Phoenix, and the chance to recreate that magic in Toronto would be an enticing proposition for all three. That said, a few things need to happen first, because D’Antoni is still the head coach of the Knicks, and Steve Nash is still playing for the Suns.

For now.

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