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Fire where there’s smoke? Suns linked to No. 2 pick

Reports are starting to surface of the Minnesota Timberwolves’ desire to trade the second overall pick in the draft.

With the draft still a few weeks away speculation will range as to who is interested, but one team that keeps popping up is the Phoenix Suns.

According to ESPN’s Chad Ford, Phoenix is one of at least 11 teams that have shown interest in making a trade with Minnesota.

What would it take for Minnesota to move the pick? If the Lakers offered Pau Gasol, if the Warriors offered Monta Ellis, if the Jazz offered Derrick Favors, if the Wizards offered JaVale McGee or even if the Cavs offered Anderson Varejao along with Cleveland’s No. 4 pick, the Wolves would seriously have to consider trading the pick.

You’ll notice the Suns missing from the group of teams with something interesting to offer.

It’s not that the Suns are lacking talent, just that it’s tough trying to figure out what they have that could entice the T’Wolves to move down or out of the draft. The 13th pick would almost certainly have to be involved, but after that? Would Minnesota trade the chance at Derrick Williams for some of the Suns’ role players like Channing Frye and Jared Dudley, or would they demand a star like Steve Nash or an emerging center in Marcin Gortat?

By the time June 23rd rolls around we’ll all have a better idea of what is going to happen, at least at the top of the draft. Will the Suns be involved?

While the Magic-8 Ball says, “Don’t count on it,” we can always hope.

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