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Jimmer Fredette fits the Suns system

They say that New York is the epicenter of the world so it comes as no surprise that a New York Knicks beat writer would have the lowdown on Jimmer Fredette.

New York Newsday’s Alan Hahn, as a guest with Sports 620 KTAR’s Gambo and Ash, said a certain former Suns coach is infatuated with the BYU star who shares similar characteristics with one of the NBA’s up and coming guards.

“The Knicks love him,” Hahn told the hosts. “I know [Mike] D’Antoni loves him. He’s just like Steph Curry a couple of years ago. He’s just a great shooter. On top of being a great shooter he’s just a smart basketball player. He knows how to play.”

Hahn’s comments are interesting when it pertains to the Suns’ desire to draft Jimmer. One factor is the Suns still run D’Antoni’s offense. If team’s former coach thinks the young guard would be a great fit for his system, you’d have to imagine the Alvin Gentry would have a similar view.

When you add in the fact that the franchise had an immense interest in trading up to obtain the services of Curry during the 2009 draft, it’s not a far stretch to imagine they’d like to add Fredette as a potential heir apparent to Steve Nash.

“I actually did see the Suns taking [Jimmer Fredette] because of the fact that you have Nash getting older and you kind of need somebody next,” Hahn said. “You have to sell tickets there and he’s a big name. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll be shocked if the Jazz pass on him twice.”

Obviously this is just one man’s opinion, but if anyone in the Suns front office agrees with Hahn, Jimmer could be wearing purple and orange come June 23. That is, unless he’s already wearing the navy and yellow of the Utah Jazz by the time the No. 13 selection comes around.

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