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Barkley would like to be a Suns owner

Charles Barkley wants to add NBA owner alongside dominant NBA power forward and hilarious broadcaster on his resume (We’re not sure it actually says that or if he even has a resume, but if we were him it would look something along those lines).

It was a comment Sir Charles made in passing to while talking about a potential sale of the 76ers, but it included a nugget that Phoenix Suns fans could find very interesting.

“I don’t have enough money to be like a Michael [Jordan] and take complete control of an organization,” he said, alluding to Jordan’s role as majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. “But it would be fun to, like whether it was in Philadelphia or Phoenix, to put a few million dollars in and be not a speaking owner but just a fun, good investment.”

The round mound of rebound as a part owner of the Phoenix Suns? Where do we sign?

Barkley’s candor and unabashed basketball opinions could provide an interesting element and contrarian view to the Suns. If a meeting of the minds at US Airways Center included the former great, we can only imagine it would begin to look something like an all-Phoenix edition of Inside the NBA with Sir Charles looking at Robert Sarver as if he’s Kenny Smith and Lon Babby playing the role of Ernie Johnson (a mental image more entertaining than any game last season).

The one thing we can’t quite imagine is Barkley being a silent partner in anything he does, nor would we want him to be. He could bring a flare for the entertainingly dramatic and provide a face of the franchise’s front office that could take some of the heat off Sarver with fans.

Will it happen? Probably not, but we can at least imagine a world where Barkley owned a share in the Suns and wasn’t afraid to let someone know he thought a move was terrible and have it mean something.

It not only would make his resume even more impressive, it would make the Suns more impressive too.

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