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Dudley finds extra motivation to win a ‘ship

Seeing Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd finally win a championship made a lot of NBA fans feel good. After all, it’s nice to see their hard work rewarded, especially after each had been so close to winning that elusive championship earlier in their respective careers.

Well, the Suns have their own veterans, and one player found extra motivation in wanting to get them a championship ring.

Seeing Dirk and Kidd get their Rings last night makes me wanna Work even harder to get @realgranthill33 and @SteveNash one. #teamtweetless than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

While nice to see, it is not as if Dudley is the problem or that he hasn’t worked hard before, so the extra motivation to get after it likely won’t change much on the court.

One of the team’s most improved players, nobody did or should look at Dudley as the reason the Suns landed in the lottery. In fact, his fifth season will likely begin with him in the starting lineup, proof positive that he has continued to grow as a player.

Dudley’s desire to work hard and help his teammates is a noble goal and one that he will probably make good on, but the Suns need to add a considerable amount of talent if they are to not only get back to the postseason, but advance deep into it as well.

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