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Suns want UA’s Williams but at what price?

What do Minnesota and Poland have in common? Other than extremely cold weather, both may be able to claim Marcin Gortat as their own in the near future.

As part of his NBA Draft blog on, Chad Ford dropped an interesting nugget of information on Phoenix Suns fans. The team may be interested in making a deal with the Timberwolves for the No. 2 pick in Thursday’s draft.

Another realistic trade scenario involves the Suns. Phoenix is in hot pursuit of Williams and may have interest in a deal that would send Minnesota center Marcin Gortat and the No. 13 pick for the No. 2 pick and Nikola Pekovic.

For a team that has spent the better part of 43-years in search of a true center, it seems kind of odd that they would part with one that has only been with the franchise for less than a year. It seems even odder when you take into consideration that they’d be doing it for the chance to draft a player in Williams who admits he’s a small forward (as if the Suns don’t already have an overabundance of those).

It’s nice to hear the Suns are looking to improve their draft position and make moves this offseason. Williams could very well turn into a special player in the NBA — he may even argue one that could be LeBron-esque — but the question has to be just how much do you give up for him?

For the Suns, a center with a large amount of upside might seem a bit steep.

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