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Analyst: Fredette to NBA is a tricky question

The question of how Jimmer Fredette will fare in the NBA is becoming as big of a question of where he’ll be chosen in the draft.

The Phoenix Suns have been linked quite often as of late to selecting the former BYU standout player with their thirteenth overall pick as a replacement for the aging Steve Nash.

But most analysts are still trying to figure out what Jimmer is classified as, let alone where he’ll go or if anyone will move to take him. His shooting ability labels him a shooting guard, which would likely make him a bad bet for the Suns, who will need a true point guard in the near future.

It’s always dangerous to bet that anyone will do something as special as Nash. Whereas Nash became a better point guard as he progressed through college, Fredette became a bigger scorer. By the time Nash was a senior, he was getting an assist every 5.6 minutes. Fredette got an assist every 8.3 minutes as a senior and never was better than one every 6.7 minutes throughout his college career.

Bringing in Jimmer to replace Nash could be a mistake if the Suns bring him with hopes that he’ll match Nash’s assists numbers.

If the Suns end up trading for the Spurs’ late first round pick, maybe Fredette wouldn’t be viewed as a wasted selection if things turn don’t turn out. Maybe.

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