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Biymobo is — maybe — the right choice for the Suns

Potential Suns draftee Bismack Biyombo could be the solution to the Suns’ rebounding problem, if what he promised holds true.

The incoming rookie told Scott Howard-Cooper with that he not only is confident he will lead the NBA in rebounds and blocked shots this season, he’s sure of it.

“I don’t care how tough people are over there. I don’t care how strong they play over there. I know that I’m strong, too. I know that I’m tough, too. I never let people just beat me easy. They’re going after me and I’m going to go after them.

This is quite the promise for the Congolese big man. He may be a great at snagging rebounds, but it sounds as if he is ready to certify himself as the next Ben Wallace. Would the promise of being a force under the hoop make him worth a first-round draft pick? For the Suns, it might actually work.

Phoenix’s problem has always been the lack of a big man who in not afraid to fight under the hoop. They may have had a couple come through here and there, but no one that can be defined for aggressive rebounding.

If the Suns do move for Biyombo, they may be better off using their possible twenty-ninth overall pick rather than the thirteenth on a questionable center. The last time the Suns selected a center in the first round, they ended up with Robin Lopez.

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