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One analyst compares Jimmer to Steve Nash

Most experts have wondered whether Jimmer Fredette is a point guard or a shooting guard in the NBA. His size would suggest the former but his play at BYU would suggest the latter.

Don’t tell that to CBS’ Seth Davis though, he’d like you to believe Jimmer can play the point like someone near and dear to the people of Phoenix.

Jimmer is a PG, not a shooting guard. He will surprise a lot of people with his PG skills. Not as good as Steve Nash, but in that mold.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Outside of their skin color most people haven’t seen much of Nash in Jimmer’s game. Take the comparison with a grain of salt though. Davis has been a big proponent of Fredette’s game for a while (to the point where some have even call Jimmer his man crush).

Does ‘the Jimmer’ — a nickname Davis takes credit for coining — have a great deal of potential? Yes, but to compare him to a two-time NBA MVP, even if you hedge your bet by qualifying it with ‘in the mold of’, seems like a bit of a stretch.

Then again, it seemed like a bit of a stretch as early as last fall that Jimmer would be a lottery pick. So anything is possible.

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