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Suns choice between Morris and Shumpert

Though we can’t be certain of who will be available to the Suns when they are set to make their pick in Thursday’s NBA Draft, they do seem to be narrowing the list of potential candidates.

A day before the draft Suns pick could come down to Markieff Morris or Iman Shumpert, Suns brass split on who to take with 24 hours to go.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Morris, a forward, and Shumpert, a guard, both fit into what the Suns are trying to do with regards to being good defenders who will add toughness to the roster.

That said, Morris has been projected by some to go ahead of the Suns’ selection, leaving Georgia Tech’s Shumpert, one of the draft’s fast risers, there for the taking.

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