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Knicks draft Suns’ guy with an eye towards Steve Nash

When the Phoenix Suns took Markieff Morris with the 13th pick they did so knowing their other target, Iman Shumpert, would not likely wear a purple and orange uniform anytime soon.

Or will he.

On Friday Sports 620 KTAR’s John Gambadoro, on the Gambo and Ash show, brought up an interesting reason for the New York Knicks selecting Shumpert with the 17th pick.

“There’s something fishy about this pick, there just is,” Gambadoro said. “Mike D’Antoni just drafted a player who can’t shoot and plays defense. Not something Mike really likes.”

True that. During the head coach’s time in Phoenix, no shot equaled no shot to play for D’Antoni.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt, in my mind, and I spoke with some people in the NBA…that pick may very well have been made to somehow, some way, down the road land Steve Nash in a Knicks uniform,” Gambadoro added. “Because the Knicks now have a piece that the Phoenix Suns really, really, really want.

“Really want.”

It would not be shocking to learn the Knicks made their choice with an eye towards making a deal, and if the Suns did elect to move Nash the Knicks, with D’Antoni and Amare Stoudemire, would seem like a great fit.

Would the Suns be willing to not only trade the face of their franchise, but also let him create a little “Suns East” in the process? Watching Nash win that elusive championship with D’Antoni and Amare would have to be a little painful, but the threat of Nash leaving once his contract expires is very real.

And now that the Knicks have a guy the Suns have real interest in they may decide to get something in return rather than lose their best player for nothing.

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