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Robert Sarver is no friend of David Stern’s

Phoenix Suns fans who feel the NBA does them no favors may have even more reason to believe the team is getting shafted.

A few months ago Adrian Wojnarowski of reported how NBA Commissioner David Stern yelled at and berated Suns owner Robert Sarver after trying to, in a way, run a meeting between the league and NBA player reps.

Fast forward to now, and the relationship between commish and owner has not really changed much.

Wojnarowski, in another article about the NBA labor talks for, offered up this little blurb:

Stern dominated the meeting, with most owners reduced to bystanders. As one player said, “They’re always scared to talk when we’re in the room, especially when our stars come.” Still, several players could see the grimace on Stern’s face when notorious windbag Robert Sarver, the Phoenix Suns owner, started to speak.

Notorious windbag Robert Sarver? Oh boy. This just keeps getting better. Unless, of course, you’re a Suns fan.

A somewhat unpopular figure in the Valley, it appears as if Sarver has few fans within the league office. So, when Stern has to make a decision that affects the Suns, say, like suspending a couple players for a key playoff game, is it horribly unreasonable to think his anger towards Sarver may get in the way of making a fair decision?

We’re not saying, we’re just saying.

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