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Mickael Pietrus disses Suns in favor of Kobe and the Los Angeles Lakers

Mickael Pietrus may have exercised a $5.3 million option for next season but that doesn’t mean he wants to stay in Phoenix or that he even likes the Suns at this point.

Thanks to a quote in the French newspaper L’Equipe, we now know that the small forward has his eyes on joining forces with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

“A lot of teams are interested in me, like the Lakers or the Celtics. This came from the best player in the world: Kobe Bryant. He told me two months ago that he would like to see me with the Lakers.

“Phoenix didn’t use me, but that’s their problem. I’m going to continue working. The only thing I care about is winning a title.”

That pretty much qualifies as treason in Phoenix. Joining forces with Kobe and the Lakers and talking about it while still a member of the Suns is like standing in front of your spouse and telling them your you’d rather leave them for your hated neighbor but will stay if you have to. It’s a one way ticket to the doghouse.

Maybe this is a case of poor translation by or maybe Pietrus just wants out of Phoenix so bad he’ll burn whatever bridge it takes. Either way, siding with Kobe over the Suns is one way to ensure the fans won’t be on your side.

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