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Suns could be hurt by NBA lockout

PHOENIX – Many are expecting the NBA lockout to drag on for some time, but what most don’t know is what teams will be hurt the most by a possible shortened season.

An ESPN report believes the Phoenix Suns would be one of the teams adversely affected the most.

For years under Steve Nash, the Suns have possessed one of the most efficient offenses in the NBA. Unfortunately for Phoenix, we found that offensively minded teams suffered disproportionately during the last abbreviated season.

In addition, a less-celebrated strength of the Suns over the past few years has been a top-notch training staff that prolonged Nash’s career and resurrected Shaquille O’Neal. In a shorter season, though, the competitive advantage of a training staff is probably diminished. Combined with the likely regression of their offense, a shortened season might douse the Suns’ hopes for a return to the playoffs.

Let’s hope if this reasoning is correct that the league and the players can strike a deal before we lose any games next season.

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